Pre-Employment Questionnaire

1. Do you presently have a valid/ current driver’s license?
2. Our runs can start at any hour in a 24-hour time frame. Are you willing to work that type schedule?
3. Although not all days per week, some of our runs do require a 12 to 15 hour work day. Are you willing to work that type of schedule?
4. Are you available and willing to work in any type of weather?
5. Are you willing and able to deliver cartons weighing up to 65 pounds up steps, if necessary?
6. Are you available & willing to drive and make deliveries in metropolitan cities such as New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia & Washington D.C.?
7. Are you able to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission (stick shift)?
8. Can you drive a 24 foot straight truck or box truck? If yes, please describe how much experience you have driving a straight truck:
9. Have you been charged with a traffic violation including any minor traffic tickets and any non-moving violations within the past 10 years? If yes, state when and with what you were charged:
10. Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident within the past 10 years? If yes, state when and under what circumstances:
11. Are you willing to submit to a drug screen?
12. Are you willing to take a road driving test to determine your driving abilities?

Former Employers

I authorize Way Services Inc. to investigate all statements contained in this application questionnaire as well as any accompanying resume or materials, and to make all inquiries as may be necessary in order for the employer to make an employment decision.

The information provided by me is complete and accurate and any misrepresentations or omission of relevant information may disqualify me from employment or may result in termination of employment.