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Way Delivery is a SERVICE company and we want to hear how we can better serve your shipping needs. Since 1970 we have built solid business relationships by understanding, meeting, and serving the needs of all our customers. Today, our reach extends throughout the Mid-Atlantic States where we serve healthcare, financial services, packaging, retail, printing, manufacturing, food industries, and many others.Our Core Services break down into three distinct areas:


We do it better! On-Demand, Expedited, Emergency, or “Stat” pickup and delivery of time-critical shipments of replacement parts, court filings, proofs, prototypes, blood bank supplies, medical specimens, refrigerated medications, payroll documents, promotional materials, etc. You name it…we do it best…24/7.

Dedicated Courier Services

Way Delivery Dedicated Courier Service can guarantee your company a vehicle and a driver solely dedicated to your business utilizing any route you designate. Let Way Delivery Service be your business partner by handling your daily/weekly distribution needs. Let us show you how we can save you money on your specific routes on scheduled days, dates or times as well as special runs on an as-needed basis or for seasonal needs and peak business demands.

Driver Leasing

Driver Leasing is a great opportunity when an organization may already have a vehicle and just needs a driver; whether for a day, a week, or indefinitely. Way Delivery Service can provide an insured, safe, courteous, uniformed driver regardless of vehicle type or license class.